Interface Summary
AsyncCallback The primary interface a caller must implement to receive a response from a remote procedure call.
IsSerializable Marker interface used to indicate a family of classes is serializable.
RemoteService Marker interface that RPC interfaces should extend.
SerializationStreamObjectDecoder Interface for controlling how objects are decoded from a serialization stream.
SerializationStreamObjectEncoder This interface controls how objects are encoded into a stream.
SerializationStreamReader Interface implemented by an object that wants to deserialize items from a serialization stream.
SerializationStreamWriter Interface implemented by any object wishing to serialize items into a stream.
Serializer Contract for any class that can serialize and restore class into a serialization stream.
ServiceDefTarget A client-side RPC proxy can always be safely cast to this interface to allow you to or set the target URL for that service.
StringTable Interface for manipulating a string table.
TokenStream For internal use only.

Class Summary
ClientSerializationStream For internal use only.
SerializationStream Base class for the client and server serialization streams.

Exception Summary
InvocationException Occurs when a service invocation did not complete cleanly.
SerializableException Superclass for exceptions thrown from RPC methods (those appearing in interfaces derived from RemoteService).
SerializationException Base exception type for errors relating to the serialization stream.
ServiceDefTarget.NoServiceEntryPointSpecifiedException This exception is thrown when a service is invoked without ServiceDefTarget.setServiceEntryPoint(String) having been called.

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