PopupPanel shim flash



the IE version of PopupPanel uses an iframe shim to facilitate rendering above SELECT elements. When the popup is shown, the iframe is initially displayed in the upper left corner of the document.

GWT Version

Windows 1.3.3

Platforms Tested

Hosted Browser (XP), IE6 (XP), FFox 1.5 (XP), Opera 9.01 (XP), Safari 2.0.4 (OS 10.4.7), Camino 1.0.2 (OS 10.4.7)

Platforms Affected

Hosted Browser (XP), IE6 (XP)


1. click the "Show popup" button
2. watch the upper left corner of the page
Expected: the upper left corner does not change
Actual: the upper left corner briefly flashes white as the iframe is displayed then repositioned

You may have to repeat 1 & 2 several times.