GWT History Bug Demo



History breaks if doc has element with same id as history token

GWT Version

Windows 1.1

Platforms Tested

Hosted Browser (XP), IE6 (XP), FFox 1.5 (XP), Opera (XP), Safari (OS 10.4.7)

Platforms Affected

Hosted Browser (XP), IE6 (XP)


	1. click Stimulants, Fruit, Vegetabes, Grains
	2. click the browser back button 3 times
	Expected: tabs are shown this order: Vegetables, Fruit, Stimulants
	Actual: tabs are changed this order: Vegetables, Fruit, Fruit
	Note that the history token changes in the location bar but the tab does not change after fruit.
	The document has element with an id="fruit". If this is changed the bug will no longer reproduce. 
	Note: This test must be performed on a webserver (i.e. GWT shell). History does not work with IE6 off the filesystem.