Cartoon drawing
Portrait by George "My Favorite Uncle" Hull

Vivid Portrait
The real me in full TechniColor

about me

My current occupation is enjoying the Seattle summer. Previously, I worked for 4 years as a software test engineer and 5 years in print prepress (basically desktop publishing).

I have mixed set of interests and hobbies, but all have one thing in common: I love to solve problems. I grew up drawing airplanes, shooting off rockets, building electronic circuits and coming up with new ways to set things on fire. In high school I picked up guitar and later harmonica. My current hobbies are guitar and programming. My musical tastes reach from hardcore funky blues to classical and jazz; anything that sounds good loud.

about this site

This web site is primarily a toy project. It should be functional to all browsers, but it is best experienced is with a recent browser and a fast connection.

Tools used on this site: Eclipse, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks & BBEdit.

All code and artwork used in this site is original unless otherwise specified.

Mat Gessel